The North Yard Community Trust CIO has been set up as an independent organisation to manage £150,000 a year for 25 years on behalf of local people living in Barne Barton, Keyham, Kings Tamerton, St Budeaux and Weston Mill.


We’ve distributed over £668,000 to more than 85 local projects.


The Trust funds projects that benefit people living in the North Yard Community Trust area. Projects from a wide range of categories can be supported including improving public spaces, youth facilities, public health schemes, well-being initiatives, energy efficiency initiatives, improving underused land, sustainable transport, restoration of historic buildings and regeneration projects.

How we work

The North Yard Community Trust is run by local people for the benefit of our local area. We are supported by local Plymouth City Councillors and advised by Plymouth Community Healthcare, Plymouth City Council and MVV.

Latest Grants

Plymouth’s Great War – Interim Report

Project intention: to engage large numbers of local children in an experiential look at WW1, to learn about how the war impacted their home city and the wider world. Project Aims: to expose the children to a creative approach to WW1 using drama, slide show...

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2019-20 Meeting Dates

The North Yard Community Trust Board meets on the third Tuesday of the month. There are two types of meetings, Administration and Application and these are held on alternate months. September 2019: Application meeting on 17th September Applications and all associated...

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Trustee Vacancies

The Trust has two vacant Trustee positions on the Board; one to represent Weston Mill and one to represent St Budeaux. The role will require you to serve as an ambassador for the charity promoting the understanding and recognition of, and support for, the North Yard...

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