Funded So Far

To date, the North Yard Community Trust has awarded funding to the following groups for local projects:

The Kintsugi Project CIC was awarded £9,354 towards the Kintsugi Project Community Garden in the Knowle Avenue allotments site in Keyham 

Exim Dance Company were awarded £1,880 to run their Communities Together dance project in Keyham 

Plymouth Disabled Darts League were awarded £3,332 for equipment to enable the league to expand and allow more people to get involved and take part 

Soul Singers CIC were awarded £2,425 to set up an extra singing group for local Mums in St Budeaux 

Community Regeneration Outreach Projects Ltd (CROPS) were awarded £4,810 for their Youth Matters project, a weekly youth group in Keyham 

Transforming Plymouth Together was awarded £1,250 towards their Feast of Fun Summer project in St Budeaux 

Keyham Barton Primary School was awarded £6,994 to create a Wellness Garden in the school grounds. This will create a quiet green space for everyone to enjoy 

The Ferndale Community Tenants Group were awarded £1,295 to purchase licences to help them start up their community radio station 

Tamar River Sailing Club were awarded £12,856 to provide one safety boat and engine, Laser dinghy for their Sailing Development Plan, as well as funding for 8 young people from the NYCT CIO area to do a full RYA sailing course 

The Barefoot Project was awarded £43,539 to run their Sun Spot project for three years; to work with young people in the St Budeaux area 

Devonport Live were awarded £8,700 to provide cookery courses in Barne Barton 

Mount Tamar School were awarded £20,433 for an exercise trail to be built in the school grounds. Funding was also awarded to purchase bikes, scooters and helmets for the children to use 

Bodhi Fitness and Wellbeing Ltd were awarded £28,600 over three years to provide Muay Thai Monkeys and Little Warriors classes at Barne Barton and St Budeaux for three years 

Starlines Theatre School were awarded £4,800 over two years to help to continue to run the drama, music and dance classes 

St Boniface Church was awarded £12,800 towards the restoration of the Jesus window in the church 

Plaistow Hill Infant School was awarded £489 towards their Forest School project. The funding will purchase new equipment which will allow more children to experience the joys of nature 

CROPS were awarded £3,000 towards their Youth Group 

Riverside Community Primary School were awarded £9,950 towards their Young Carers Support Programme 

Kings Tamerton Community Centre were awarded £180 towards their Christmas event 

Old Technicians Rugby Club were awarded £500 to help them get to games  

St Budeaux Community Association was awarded £18,927.60 over two years to help fund their Square Club project. The Square Club meets once a week and provides a place where local senior citizens can meet, share meals, play games and build relationships with others in similar circumstances to themselves. 

Tamar River Sailing Club were awarded £126 to pay for one year’s maintenance of the community defibrillator 

5th St Budeaux Guides were awarded £2,500 towards new equipment to enable all of the guides to go on camps and take part in activities together 

The Pioneers Project CIC was awarded £23,100 over three years towards the Pioneers Project. This will work with 5 to 25 year olds in the NYCT area providing volunteering opportunities, social, personal and emotional development and education, access to sport and healthy lifestyles, mentoring, arts projects and more 

The Marine Biological Association were awarded £760 towards their Summer Beach Rangers activity sessions at Kinterbury Creek 

1st Keyham Explorer Scouts were awarded £2,312 to help local young people take part in scouting activities 

K&S Childcare Ltd was awarded £6,500 towards the Cabin at Tamar View. The funding will be used to purchase equipment 

Ferndale Community Tenants Group was awarded £2,241.46 towards their Ferndale Quilt and Craft Clubs 

Well Connected was awarded £3,494 towards their Creating Smiles project which will provide support to improve oral health and awareness in reception and nursery children in the NYCT area 

St Paul’s Catholic Primary School was awarded £7,290 towards their Sensory and Environmental project. The grant will be used to create a sensory garden and growing areas for each of the classes so children can learn where their food comes from 

St Budeaux Baptist Church were awarded a Fast Track Community grant of £500 towards their Jelly Tots Coffee Bar project 

Fotonow CIC was awarded £15,000 towards the Barne Barton Social History project. The project aims to develop a history of the area in a creative way that involves the local community 

Marine Academy Plymouth were awarded £2,538.58 to help with costs for local students going on an educational trip to Ecuador 

St Paul’s Preschool was awarded £5,000 towards the refurbishment of their preschool space for the 2 to 5 year olds 

Weston Mill Community Primary Academy was awarded £330 to help provide cookery classes for parents and children 

Affinity Community Theatre was awarded £1,000 for their ACT shows in 2017 

Mount Tamar School was awarded £19,000 for their Mount Tamar Interactive Technology project. The first aim of this project is to improve the learning experience for all of our pupils and bring it into the modern world by providing an interactive smart screen computer in each of the 16 classrooms. The project also aims to support social skills for residents and provide computer skills classes to parents and the local community 

Kings Tamerton Community Centre were awarded £300 to part fund their children’s Christmas party 

Victoria Road Primary School was awarded £11,727 to help fund their Enjoying and Exploring the Outdoors project. This funding will be used to help create a stimulating and exciting outdoor space for all children, stakeholders and members of the community to enjoy 

Keyham Green Places were awarded a Fast Track Community Grant of £320 for their Worn, Repair and Wear project. This aims to provide some craft sessions that encompass the recycling of clothes or other material goods like bed sheets, quilts, upholstery by the repair or recycling of the cloth into either repaired or new goods 

Plymouth Hockey Club was awarded £1,248 to fund coaching for local volunteers to enable more young people to take part. The funding also paid for a goalkeeper’s kit 

Barne Barton Community Ambassadors were awarded £490 for a fast track grant to help them attend a training event hosted by Affinity Sutton. At this event they will mix with other groups of Ambassadors from around the UK and get new ideas and learn new skills which they can bring back to Barne Barton to enable them to improve the work that they do with the young people in the area 

Colebrook South West Ltd was awarded £5,045 for their Young Parents and Tots Group. They are looking to set up a new project in St Budeaux that provides a new playgroup for the local community and offers parents under the age of 25 the opportunity to meet other young parents. The project will offer volunteering opportunities as well as the opportunity to gain skills and qualifications in childcare and other transferable skills which may ultimately lead to employment or self-employment within the childcare industry. There will also be the opportunity of developing the group to become a viable small business in its own right 

Plymouth StreetGames were awarded £12,375 to continue their Doorsteps Sports Club project. Doorstep Sport Clubs provide young people aged 11-25 years living in areas of high deprivation with accessible and affordable opportunities to take part in sport within their local community. They provide vibrant, varied, fun and sociable sessions, with a strong emphasis on youth leadership 

Riverside Primary School was awarded £3,850 towards their Riverside Summer Play Scheme. This scheme will be for children from Riverside School to engage in a variety of activities during the Summer holidays 

Tamar View Community Centre received £23,189.78 for the final year’s contribution to three years of Youth Service provision in the neighbourhood.  This will work with 250 young people a week 

Marine Academy Plymouth Football Club was awarded £1,500 towards new football kit for the girls’ football club 

Keyham Green Places were awarded £7,435 for their Your Centre’s Wellbeing project which aims to expand their community cohesion and provision by growing food for eating and contributing to their own LETS (Local Exchange Trading System) scheme 

Ru-Slack was awarded £900 to introduce slacklining to the children in the area through a number of slacklining sessions based in open spaces and parks in Barne Barton, Keyham, St Budeaux and Weston Mill 

Education Through Expeditions were awarded £25,000 towards their Inari Project which will deliver a twinning project with the Sami Parliament in Inari Finland. The project will deliver an outdoor learning opportunity for 150 young people as well as workshops and an online learning platform 

Earthjump CIC was awarded £8,852.50 towards their Woods to Waves project which will work with local communities in the area to connect to nature through the medium of outdoor play and literacy 

Weston Mill Oak Villa Sports & Community Association were awarded £9,499.99 to purchase a sit on tractor which will allow them to take control of their ground maintenance 

Dangerous Dads were awarded £1,000 to arrange regular events and activities throughout the year which will enable Dads to spend quality time with their children 

The Cabin at Barne Barton Nursery was awarded £8,000 towards the building of an extension at the front of the Cabin. This will increase their available space to allow for private meetings with parents and reduce vandalism and anti-social behaviour 

Plymouth Foodbank were awarded £500 to help towards emergency food vouchers and transport for people using the Foodbank 

Estover Foodbank were awarded £500 to help towards emergency food vouchers and transport for people using the Foodbank 

Keyham Kolts were awarded £850.50 for football equipment to enable them to run fun football sessions for Under 13’s 

Tamar River Sailing Club were awarded £600 towards a community public access defibrillator at the sailing club in St Budeaux 

Elder Tree Befriending was awarded £14,805 for a three year project to sustain three exercise and movement activities for the Over 50’s 

St Pauls Primary School was awarded £25,171.95 for playground markings, an Environmental Play area and an Outdoor classroom 

TamarFOLK were awarded £1,000 to help fund swimming sessions for local families 

Sunshine Marina received £954 to help towards the costs of year round social events and the annual Christmas meal 

Devonport Dragon Junior Hockey Club were awarded £999.24 to help supply the club with new equipment to replace some existing equipment currently at the club and to help them expand their coaching techniques 

Plymouth Raiders received £22,890 to run their Healthy Hoops Primary Basketball project in seven primary schools in the NYCT area 

Kings Tamerton Community Centre received £1,741.73 which paid for their Christmas outing as well as two new laptop computers 

K. E. C. Drama was awarded £9,904.04 towards the setting up costs of their new drama school, The Starlight Theatre 

The Island Trust received £19,487.45. This will provide 6 voyages around The Sound and local area, 2×1 week residential sail training voyages for up to 20 young people from the NYCT domain. All training, food, accommodation and safety equipment provided. And a 1week residential voyage for unemployed adults, giving them the chance to achieve a RYA qualification, support with CV writing and job search 

The Pensioners and Fifty Plus Action Group was awarded £700 for new office equipment, without which they would not be able to continue their work 

Growing Sustainable Futures CIC is a citywide organisation intent on educating and raising awareness of sustainability. They have been awarded £3,640 to help fund the costs of their upcoming events 

Pelican Children’s Centre was awarded £2,899.96 for the installation of soft play surfaces outside, meaning safer play for the children 

St Budeaux Table Tennis Club received £344 to purchase new equipment and enable them to improve their table tennis sessions 

Word Machine were awarded £11,985 to work with local schools and community groups to explore what was happening in the area 100 years ago with the outbreak of World War 1 and the amalgamation of the Three Towns through drama, research and writing 

One Step Beyond were awarded £28,290 for their Play Rangers to offer play and activity opportunities in St Budeaux, Barne Barton, Weston Mill and Kings Tamerton during term time and school holidays 

Victoria Road Primary School was awarded £5,900 to enhance their outdoor learning space and for the delivery of their NEXUS project 

Keyham and Devonport Community Amateur Theatre received £500 to pay for rehearsal space and hire lighting and sound equipment for their next show 

PAPH were awarded £5,000 to help fund their Spirit of Discovery project 

Tamar View Community Centre received £45,955.20 as the first two years contribution to three years of Youth Service provision in the neighbourhood.  This will work with 250 young people a week 

Keyham Methodist Church received £8,614 as a contribution to repairing the roof of the Community Centre allowing the whole of the hall to be used and providing a safe, local and indoor communal place for children and everyone else in the community 

St Budeaux Methodist Church received £5,500 towards new high back day centre chairs and a new floor for their entrance hall 

Keyham Community Outreach Projects Ltd received £9,350 as the first contribution to a two year gardening project and a range of education and community activities so people can learn and get involved in growing food 

St Budeaux Community Hall was awarded £10,500 as a contribution towards a new mother and baby room and a new disabled toilet 

St Pauls Preschool was awarded £2,584.43 to create a new sensory play area 

Weston Mill Oak Villa Junior Football Club were awarded £970 to increase and improve their Mini Kickers Football Club for 4 to 8 year olds 

Earlybirds Childcare CIC received £10,730.95 to refresh their play areas and provide new resources to support learning and skill development 

Old Technicians Rugby Club was awarded £975 to help them get to league and cup games in the region 

3rd St Budeaux Scout Group was awarded £1,000 to invest in new camping and outdoor equipment to enable them to provide a greater range of outdoor activities 

Blue Sound were awarded £7,420 for their Sound Scenes project which includes public art at Kinterbury Creek and Pottery Quay, beach cleans and a celebration event to support local people to learn and enjoy these spaces in their local area 

12th Devonport Rainbow Group who meet at Keyham Methodist Church were awarded £100 for musical instruments and arts materials 

St Budeaux Parish Bell Restoration Fund were awarded £10,000 towards their project to replace the existing bell frame, enabling the bells to be rung again at the Church and ensuring that the bell ringing tradition is accessible and continues for future generations 

Sunshine Marina is a Sheltered Housing Scheme in Camels Head.  They received £500 to support elderly and disabled people to get out on day trips and have opportunities to socialise